Sunday, 28 October 2012

London Cocktail Week : Wednesday - Tanqueray Todd

Colin Dun of the whiskies.
Jill Saunders of the gin.
Diageo with the money.
Callooh Callay as the setting. 

This was Tanqueray Todd's Barber Shop. 

I started at the front with Mrs Lovett's LCW cocktail, which was delicious though I forget what was in it!

Then with my party arrived we were shown through that famous wardrobe door and into Colin Todd's (!) world of butchery and... pies. Yes, the deal here was pie and cocktail for £10 or pie, cocktail and a hot shave in the Jub Jub for £15. 

On being told the various pies that were on offer we then had four Beef and Potato thrown down.The service wasn't a problem - that was all very in character - but we had no choice as well as the pie being a tad hard. Oh well, soon our drinks followed in beautiful, specially made Tanqueray tankards complete with CC logos and glass bottoms. The mulled drink was delicious,  

We asked why there were glasses on the table and told it was for tastings. When we asked if we were going to get to taste anything some gin came over but with the caveat that most people don't get to taste. I think this was just a mix up with so many people coming and going for Colin to see.

And in between all this was the ever brilliant Colin Dunn circulating the tables as the gory Sweeney and recounting history to the soundtrack of rather scary music from Sweeney Todd the musical, at times making conversation with the person beside you impossible as the screaming crescendo-ed, very atmospheric!

We peeked upstairs at the barber shop and it seemed rather strange (to me) to lie, legs up, in a reasonably busy bar. However i was reassured by the hosts that the hot towels across the face is the most relaxing thing. Well! Not quite as good as last year I think, but a fine effort, far exceeding most bar's this London Cocktail week, and always different. 

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