Saturday, 9 February 2013

New Bar Opening: Mizuwari, Soho

Location: 16 Old Compton Street, W1D 4TL


To Visit: Open as restaurant, every day between 5pm and close. No bookings

To Note: Walk past the charcoal grill and its delicious smells towards the back then down the stairs

Mizuwari, which translates as “mixed with water”, has officially opened its doors; or at least the stairs that lead down from the back of Japanese grill restaurant Bincho Yakitori. Situated beside LAB on Old Compton Street, you need to walk to through the restaurant to the stairs to find this “1950’s Japan” inspired whisky joint. The room can hold about 40 people and is kitted out with low wooden tables and stools to match the wooden screens on the walls, set off by large swords as decoration.

This is the work of Suntory, and shows off their three expressions Yamazaki, Hakushu and Hibiki. And this is all they will be serving. But if you think that whisky is not “your thing” think again as their list of cocktails is very impressive from a simple twist of elder-flower and soda to a tea-ceremony type drink with wasabi paste. And if you are whisky-mad and this is your “died and gone to heaven” place, why not consider their bottle keep service? Buy your bottle now and it will be waiting for you with your name on each time you return. Just try not to over-do it with the most expensive option at over £500 a bottle! They also have decanters of water purified to an ancient recipe with high grade Japanese charcoal, the same as used upstairs, to water down some of those high abvs.

So if you are a fan of whisky, if you are a fan of cocktails or even if you are just a fan of some innovative (in London) Japanese cooking don’t forget the newest hidden drinking den. 

(Pictures courtesy of 360 Communications, the brill PR team behind Suntory UK)