Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Presenting...Patron Naughty or Nice

House of Wolf opened its doors to a huge Patron Tequila party last night, and its only running for two more nights (Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th).  I wish I could say hurry to buy your tickets but the advance ones are sold out so head to the doors about 10pm and hope that someone will drop you you to squeeze in. Its runs till 4am so chances are pretty good! 

We started in the naughty room - obviously - where we had a Tequila Sunset with a pomegranate yolk, a Chilli Stimulant (espresso martini style) and a Chocolate Apaixonado before sneaking behind the pigeon holes for a quick fortune telling. Apparently I will be in the Himalayans in 4 years time and will be collected and taken to Vegas in a golden

Then we were allowed to be nice where in a spacious upstairs bar we had Juan Collins and Mexican 75s, not as good as downstairs I do not believe but interesting canapes including hay-infused potatoes (?) and ceviche sea bass with tequila jelly. 

When the live music started at 10pm we headed all the way to the ground floor and enjoyed my favourite drink of the night, Black Mexicans, with Mexican Mules and good ol' fashioned rock and roll. Yes, I was the idiot dancing all night, so shoot me. I enjoyed myself! 

Great night, great drinks, great team (360 Communications) and great friend Sarah for allowing me to be a part of it!