Saturday, 27 October 2012

London Cocktail Week : Wednesday - Monin Cocktail Competition

First cocktail competition of the week was hosted by Monin Syrups and the interesting aspect was that two cocktails were to be made - one alcoholic and one non-alcoholic. This started at 12 and ran to 5pm and i stayed for a few hours but it is dedication do do the whole session. Saying that, it ran smoothly with two prep areas so one contestant can prepare whilst the other presents. And the canapes were very tasty!

Monin has a huge range of flavours and the alcoholic cocktails presented a really interesting range but there were a few non alcoholic daiquiris going on so either not as much thought or great minds thinking alike! There were also two categories, under and over 27 years old. 

My favourite - and the only bar tender that I knew! - was the legendary Andy Mil. He set his mind to the competition with his usual flair pairing his creations to food and adding spectacular presentation. The non-alcoholic drink was a spicy hot chocolate which - inspired by the old fashioned flips - he heated with his wife's hair straighteners wrapped in foil... this was served in a mug decorated with a stripping lady (classy), marshmallows, squirty cream, and biscuits. The alcoholic was inspired by horror movies with beetroot to give a deep red colour and served in a martini glass with a Shining inspired picture and a mirror to reflect the details on the back ,Trust me, it was genius. (And Andy will be missed from LCC as he moves on soon!)

And the winners were...

Creme de la Creme by Susie Wong, Epernay Champagne Bar, Manchester (over 27)
45ml Cariel Vodka
15ml Cointreau
3 drops orange bitters
20ml Lemon juice
20ml Monin Butterscotch syrup
Shake and strain into a sundae glass, top with 50ml of soda water and garnish with a sugar nest and scoop of ice cream

Oliver's Rose by William Humphery, Hausbar, Bristol
60ml Poire William
25ml lemon juice
15ml Monin Bubble Gum syrup
1 fresh egg white
Shake, strain and garnish with hundreds and thousands

Oh and check out the amazing views from the Paramount bar in the centre point (add photo)

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