Saturday, 27 October 2012

London Cocktail Week : Wednesday - Golden Bee

After 4 events I thought I was heading home but there was the chance to hit one more bar taking part in the £4 offer... so it was with foodie/drink-ophile Wilkes ( that I took advantage of a dry evening to visit roof top Golden Bee. 

This can be found above the aptly name "adult bar" The Horns and the door is just off Old Street. One flight of stairs, in which hangs an elaborate chandelier that would look tacky anywhere else, brings you to a rather spectacular display of bling. The bar was, I initially thought, sponsored by Finlandia but actually that was just one "swirl" (see pic) and they had a good range of products. Outside is the first level with seating and a mezzanine level which would be great to curl up in with a group of friends. But don't bother with all this. Take the spiral stairs up to the top - there is a bar there too - and snuggle under the rugs near the heat lamps to enjoy the views. OK. There are not like Paramount, this is old street after all. But it is a unique perspective on an area I know well. 

There were two barmen, one was training the other when we went, and since this was the first time he made the drink I say kudos to him, it was well put together. I suspected that Golden Bee may have missed the boat only opening at the end of the summer but on a dry winter evening they are certainly doing everything they can to keep you warm up there. The manager - who barely looked old enough to drink! - was friendly and helpful when he heard us discussing when it opened and informed us that it was generally pack Friday and Saturday nights with a clubby feel and the dancefloor will rock, So one to bear in mind if you are looking for a boogie in the area. 

I have heard some people complaining that it is tacky however I think you need to take Golden Bee for what it is: fun, roof top cocktail bar that doesn't take itself too seriously. I think I will be back, but if you go do take someone to snuggle up to as the temperatures drop! It may even be quite special in the snow...!

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