Saturday, 27 October 2012

London Cocktail Week : Thursday - gaz Regan

I could not believe that I scored a place to meet industry legend gaz Regan. This was taking place at the excellent 69 Colebrooke Row and it was absolutely packed. They also offered round delicious negronis and manhattans to whet the whistle. 

Never noticed this at 69 before!
Advertised - and originally planned - as a talk on the legends of the industry, gaz instead chose to talk us through some of his eclectic and personable customers he encountered in the early 80's in the New York "English pub" called the North Star. There was the "father", the WWII night, the St Patrick days; he has described his time here as his favourite years in the industry. 

It was entertaining and insightful. And best of all was watching this legend. gaz Regan (with a small g) is a few inches over 5 foot, in his 50's, with his statement black eyeliner on one eye ("why not?" he says) and quietly spoken. Yet he held the room's attention the entire way through, he made you feel this is how bartenders should be - approachable, interesting, interested - and I hope that I may the opportunity to speak to him more in the future. 

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