Monday, 29 October 2012

London Cocktail Week : Friday - West London Crawl

It was my last free day to enjoy LCW and it had been pretty busy so far. Being well acquainted with East London I thought it was time to see what the West had to offer. And I was impressed, here are my mini reviews:

We started at Westbourne House

Ambiance: laid back but with an edge that given a few more hours the dancing would start...
Decor: upmarket gastro pub, tables round the edge of what would no doubt be a busy area
Staff: knoweldgable, friendly
LCW cocktail: a whole week's work of Grey Goose drinks to chose from, the key lime was OUT OF THIS WORLD, with a delicious sharp drink topped with sweet meringue, YUM

Then onto Beach Blanket Babylon Portobello

Ambiance: bit snobby with lots of stiletto and LBDs, dinner still going on further back, but friendly enough
Decor: Pans Labyrinth meets Jean Paul Gauthier, absolutely fabulous, so many nooks and crannies to explore, however if you haven't booked a table it'll be a long night on your feet
Staff: Dreadful; on arrival one barman knocked over the raspberry drink he was preparing, covered my bag (and boyfriend's shoes) with no apology, no napkins, nothing. It was left to us to reach over the now-pink bar and grab tissues
LCW cocktail: they didn't even tell us what it was despite asking, it was overly sweet even to my friend's taste who loves sugary drinks. They also added 50p per drink tip AFTER SPILLING DRINK OVER ME!!

We stayed long enough to finish our drinks, keen to move on, with Portobello Star within sight

Ambiance: laid back and friendly
Decor: simple, clean and hilarious watching people try to get in/out by doors only open during market days!
Staff: friendly, knowledgeable
LCW cocktail: I was not at the bar to see it made but not too was tasty yet but was simply a Gin (Portobello Road) and tonic in  a glass. No ice, no garnish but a shot glass in the bottom. Perhaps the key was in the preparation...

And then finally Trailer Happiness

Ambiance: PAAAAAATY, but quite a squash!
Decor: tiki happy, bit 70's
Staff: dealt well with a busy bar and serving everyone in time
LCW Cocktail: a nuclear green daiquiri and delicious it was too, i'll be trying Midori with mine next time. In fact I would have stayed for more having bumped into the Bacardi team but alas, LCW got the better of me and flu was acomin'! 

So top West London bar: Portobello Star
Worst West London bar: BBB but I doubt they care if their barman's attitude is anything to go by

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