Saturday, 28 April 2012

Zahra Bar, Clapham: 15/20

Location: The Pavement, Old Town


Visit: Thursday evening, for the jazz

To Note? This is the downstairs bar of Del'Aziz, entrance through the restaurant

Ambiance 2/5
Design 5/5
Drinks 4/5
Staff 4/5
Extra LBS star: Not yet, but this bar is worth another viist

This visit had a rather inauspicious start. First we could not find the place, then we were told that the jazz did not actually start until 7.30 (despite booking a table for the jazz at 6.30) so we popped into Venn Street Records as a warm up (which was, by the way, awesome: great pizzas, great barmen, great music). 

We headed back at 8pm, and guess what? The jazz started at 8.30! We were the first downstairs but were soon joined by 2 large groups which were much needed to build the atmosphere. The room is great, with lots of space for dancing, seats all the way round, large tables for eating earlier in the evening and an middle eastern theme throughout.

Staff were also knowledgable, friendly and the drinks they made from an interesting menu were tasty and well priced at around 8 pounds a go. They also had a wide range of wines and beers, presumably this comes from the restaurant above. 

Unfortunately the jazz was not so good, a little bit "elevator music" for my tastes but despite their efforts no one seemed to be paying attention, they did not get the attention they deserved let alone the applause and soon gave up and got food! 

So after one drink we headed back to Venn St to carry on the party. 

Apparently the bar gets really busy on a Friday and Saturday and they are extending their entertainment with comedy and djs, so I would not write off straight away returning on a busier night.

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