Sunday, 1 April 2012

Presenting...Callooh Callay's New Menu

Callooh Callay members were invited to sample the new menu on Thursday so I signed up with 3 friends - two were CC virgins! 

On arrival I was given my personal menu - a cassette tape with the insert being the menu, fantastic and great 90's style being brought back into fashion. Unfortunately I do not have anything to play the tape in! 

Having already tried one or two that the team had been experimenting with I opted to start with one of the most outrageous on the menu - MARMAGEDDON! The glass was rimmed with marmite - yes, the yeast based spread - and filled with Ocho tequila, lime and beer and it was fabulous. Though none of my friends told me I had marmite on my nose all night one did declare the tequila so good it was like whisky. 

Next I went for the Black Forest Cocktail which was a highlight for me. The mix of cognac, seve, chocoalte bitters and cherry puree satisfied my sweet tooth without being at all cloying and sticky. The grated chocolate was actually the cherry on top. From my friends choices the Ale of Two Cities was really interesting and I was delighted to see Anice and Nephew has stuck it through to this new menu.

If you haven't yet been to Callooh Callay I have one thing to say - WHY NOT? This really could be the best bar in London in my opinion. 

(Must add the kitchen was having problems but their scotch eggs, burgers and hot dogs are worth returning for alone)

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