Thursday, 17 January 2013

January Offer - £5 House Cocktails at Dabbous

Blood and Sand
I have long been a fan of Dabbous (Whitfield St) and the genius of Oskar behind the bar, but for some reason that I cannot fathom I had not visited in many a month. So with the announcement that it was back open after a THREE week break I headed off to prop up their bar. 

And here is the best bit - get yourself down there in January to enjoy their house cocktails at just £5. £5! This bar is already excellent value with most drinks coming under £10 and being totally delicious. So what should you drink? 

Pump Up The Jam
The Mellow Yellow is a curious mix of smoky whisky and yellow pepper. Order it, but make sure your friend orders something different so you can share as this is so complex you'll need a breather. The Bulletproof was staggeringly good - if impossible to lift - with bourbon, greengage and gooseberry all coming together with mint and citrus. The Dewars 12yo used in the Blood and Sand adds a lovely smoked note to the drinks. And the Pump Up The Jam is one for the girls. No denying it when this pink flower topped vanilla and pumpkin jam concoction turns up with an added twist of whisky bitters. Men, you have been warned.

So, get down there and enjoy a £5 cocktail, then stay for the food, music, ambiance and everything else. 

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