Friday, 4 January 2013

Happy 2013!


Welcome back

Happy New Year etc etc

So, what were your 2012 bar highlights?

Instead of looking back I am going to look ahead. Antico, Bermondsey Street, is revamping their bar - a plus to have a bar to wait for a table in their fab restaurant but never quite got the feel right - and is re-opening the second week of January. Dray Walk off Brick Lane is going to be the foodie haven for 2013. My own little project with The Table in Southwark is almost at take off point, watch this space for a soft launch on their cocktails menu. 

And my personal ambition - hitting those 5* hotel bars. Now I have the money (work allowance), motivation (our brands are well placed for these venues) and time (with just one full time job to run!) I look forward to drinking well and making new friends. 

I also vow to visit Callooh Callay on a regular basis, do not make enough of my Jub Jub status and I apologise! 

If you have any suggestions or you'd like to know if I've been somewhere just drop me a note. And if you fancy a review just let me know where you are, but no free drinks accepted, that's bribery...

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