Friday, 27 July 2012

Presenting...The Korean FATTBurger

I took advantage of the scorchio weather recently to enjoy sitting in The Sun and 13 Cantons, at a table for 8 people with big couches, completely undisturbed as the crowds piled onto the pavements. What we had come for was not something you would want to balance on a window sill. This would get messy. 

FATTBurger, another of the fabulous burger outlets that keep appearing, this one based in Dalston, is gracing this Soho pub for a few months and a very good thing it is too. It seems that we were the only ones to know that this was going on despite the menus on tables, or perhaps other customers did not know just how good these burgers are. We both opted for a single burger per bun - I recommend this unless you can dislocate your jaw - and I decided to go with their advertised Korean with salad and kimchi, a korean fermented pickly cabbage dish that is fabulous (try Kimchi Cult too) and perfect on a burger. On the side was a small skinny fries and onion rings.

So how was it? Dripping with tasty goodness and perfectly cooked, I doubted throughout the meal if i could fit the burger into my mouth and if i could actually carry on. I could. On both fronts. Our lovely waitress understood our need to "graze" on the chips as we digested. I do not know what the sauce was - Korean influence and somewhat mayo like - but I licked my fingers clean. Love the packaging, love the burgers, not as good as street food Kimchi Cult in terms of the kimchi (their's has smaller chunks so easier to squish into the burger) but worth a visit and at these prices...

Burgers £6/£7 + Small Chips £2.50 + Onion Rings £1.50 = BARGAIN

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