Monday, 11 June 2012

Presenting...The Blue Rooms at Zenna, Soho

Last night saw the press night launch for the opening of The Blue Rooms - Bombay Sapphire's Vinopolis creation - in Zenna Bar. This launch seems to be - excuse the phrase - killing several birds with one stone. First, Bombay have somewhere to put all their stock of bottles, glassware and bar equipment over the summer months. Why is this important? All Vinopolis inhabitants have been kicked out for Olympic use! Secondly, it is a chance to put Zenna more on the map, though it is seeing ever increasing popularity. Thirdly, it ties in its official launch on 9th June with World Gin Day from @YetAnotherGin. This is the start of a series events for Zenna and Bombay including brand training and the "cocktails olympics" to be run over 5 weeks. It is also an interesting refurb including specially designed shirts for the bar staff, new furniture and a Bombay Sapphire bar turned into the DJ decks, all with the obligatory blue theme. 

Dan, Zenna's manager, has been involved in the creation of the special Bombay cocktails list for this "pop up" and yes I did manage to try most of these. So the Aviation - in the most beautiful glassware of the night (heavy, blue, martini, star design engraved) - was nice, the fresh cherry was a very tasty plus point but I have had better. The Sapphire Summer Sour was not for me since I do not like aniseed flavours but an imaginative attempt to incorporate the indian spices that Zenna normally deal with in their drinks. G&T was served with lime in a bowl glass, fine, I like A LOT of lime with my Bombay G&T. There was also a twist on the Bucks Fizz that was clean and refreshing...a theme for this bar over the "hot" and busy summer months; this is meant to be an urban retreat (my words, not theirs!).

I met the very charming Jari Kutasi who designed the main room's wall collage as well as a video presentation and shirt designer Ross Hancock, surprisingly kookier than Jari, and who I am sure you will cross paths with over the summer months if you venture along.

Zenna had a lot to offer before this Bombay take over, and I encourage you to visit 77 Dean Street on any day of the week. (Don't worry if you are not a Bombay convert, they have the usual stock there too just not on display!)

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