Monday, 11 June 2012

Presenting...American Gins (at World Gin Day)

What better way to celebratethe 9th June, World Gin Day, than with a selection of gins from our neighbours across the Atlantic. This was put on at Graphic - no surprise there! - and thanks to the generosity of David aka @summerfruitcup. A man with the most impressive gin selection I have ever seen!

So we tasted the 9 selected gins blind and in flights of three, and this is what I thought:

(1) The nose doesn't give much away though does get more bubblegummy as it goes on but there are lots of red berries on the palate and a hint of spice, more coriander seed, not much (any?) juniper

(2) Slightly "meaty" nose and then the palate, wow, methnol flavours, sort of citrus pine toilet cleaner and meaty on finish. Cannot help thinking this would be a difficult mix.

(3) Slightly golden tint and that is the only thing that is interesting. The nose and palate, bland and overtly alcoholic. Not for me.

(4) More interesting than no 3 so straight away better. Smooth, creamy and classicly "gin-y", spice notes, nice

(5) Very different again, lots of citrus peel, palate is "pine-y", nice hit at the end, good length

(6) Nice, brief peppermint notes then lots of aniseed, it then gets quite sweet and there is quite a lot of pine-y juniper again - MY PERSONAL WINNER

(7) This isjust OK, pine-y, quite creamy texture, quite classic gin

(8) Orange shortbread nose, fruity, quiet and a hint of spice that is missing from gin no 7

(9) A butterscotch nose is nice, sweet but not very gin-y

So, now you know what I thought, what was I drinking:

1 -Square 1, and not even a gin but a botanical infused vodka
2 - Aviation
3 - Cascade Mountain, made with juniper only
4 - Pinkney Blend
5 - 209
6 - Death's Door FAVOURITE!
7 - Junipero
8 - Bluecoat
9 - Cold River, a potato base

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