Thursday, 24 May 2012

Presenting...Street Feast, Hoxton

Location:  1 minute walk from Shoreditch High Street overground station with the Tea building on your left


Visit: Friday evenings only till 20th July

To Note: Well worth braving, even in the rain!

I read a review recently of Street Feast where the author wrote that he arrived “too early”. I pulled up to this Sclater Street carpark at about 7pm and it was nicely buzzing. In my opinion the 18th June was the perfect date – a few weeks in and a little bit drizzly to put off the city slickers!

I started by heading straight to the back of the park for a drink. There was a simple cocktail list at £7 each but somehow a martini glass did not seem suitable and I was delighted to see Camden beer on tap. There was a lager and a pale ale as well as two ciders to my companions delight.

Then it was time for a wander, and being already hungry it was almost torture to see all the choice and knowing I couldn’t eat everything. All the traders are well spaced out and there is plenty of space to just mull around. I finally settled on some onion bhajis to start with which were freshly fried in front of me by Alec and served with a mango chutney and yoghurt recommended by the Bhangra Burger guys; there was a whole range of sides as well as the option to put it in a wrap for a larger meal. You just need to look at these to want them. Look. Don’t you want them?!

Whilst I was deciding on the next course my friends devoured RibMan’s ribs, a huge burrito and plantain chips amongst other things before several of us were convinced that Kimchi Cult was the way to proceed. These are burgers with a deliciously spicy topping of kimchi – a Korean specialty based on cabbage – which sounds weird and tasted great all held in a beautifully fluffy roll that somehow keep it together all the way through to the last finger licking bite.

Finally we decided that we could go one more course and I was presented with a red velvet cupcake. This was delicious and light but at £4 the clear rip off of the night – same price as a burger! I was told that the week before there was a trader with a range of alcohol based sweetness (think baileys muffins) – bring them back!

+ great food at great prices with great atmosphere, rain or not
- two toilets got so busy we had to go seek out a local pub 

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