Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Mishkins, Soho: 20/20

Location: 25 Catherine Street


Visit: Saturday lunch

To Note? Arrive early

Ambiance 5/5
Design 5/5
Drinks 5/5
Staff 5/5
Extra LBS star: Another 20/20!

If you haven’t heard of Polpo, or Da Polpo, or Sputino in the last year where have you been? Seriously.

Due to their burgeoning popularity and mainly no reservations policy I have rarely felt like fighting for a table at these establishments but the universally good reviews of Mishkins, combined with the concept of Jewish food that I am not sure I have ever had, saw me taking up a stool at the bar/counter area of E.Mishkins at 11.50 determined to ensure no queue.

There has long been a Jewish Deli on this site, but as a cocktail fan and especially of gin, I am pleased to say that this is not 100% Kosher. I started with the first deviation from Judaism with a Gin Sour – recommended by the bar manager Alex – and they were more than happy to let me try some of the interesting digestifs, including one from artichokes. They have around 12 gin based cocktails, a special gin menu (do ask) and if that does not appeal around 7 white and red options, pop floats and their yummy homemade lemonade is an option too.

The menu is a simple typewriter printed onto lined A4 affair and do not forget the blackboard specials that are not immediately obvious but well worth a look. Also, do not be afraid to ask as I was unfamiliar with about 40% of what I saw! I opted for a bit of choice-by-food envy and ordered the pastrami sandwich “Reudben on rye” with pickles, and what a choice if I do say so myself. This monster of a sandwich took me about 40 minutes to get through and was delicious from first to last. It was either that or the Big Apple Hot Dog which I am assured was excellent with the piles of salad a positive addition to the street food version. My friend took the “knish”, a sort of meat ball made of fish with a parsley sauce. I will be returning for the Duck Hash alone and the desserts that I am horrified I could not manage but between Banana Fosters and Chocolate Bread and Butter pudding it could have been world war three to decide!

There was a lovely buzz from the minute it opened to the minute we left, and we were barely out our seats when they were taken so do arrive early if you don’t want to queue. I would definitely suggest trying to get a stool at the bar rather than taking a banquette in the main room as you can tuck yourself away for hours and ignore the growing queues looking longingly at your table.

Great interesting food, great cocktails, great staff, great atmosphere, all in all a must visit.
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  1. This is a really great London blog. I've always liked Polpo and so will check this place out too.

    tdg x
    London Dating Advice

    1. Thanks Date Guy.I went to Polpo on Monday for the first time and cannot wait to go back. If you need any date location tips let me know!