Monday, 26 September 2011

New Evaristo Club aka Trisha's, Soho, 17/20*

Location: 57 Greek Street, Soho

Website: Just a number, 0207 437 9536

Visit: Saturday evening after dinner

To Note? Another unassuming entrance. Apparently a member's club but they seem happy to let you off if it is not busy. If you do get caught the hefty fee of £5 will sign you up for the year and allow 5 friends access.

Ambiance 5/5
Design 3/5
Drinks 4/5
Staff 5/5
Extra LBS star: Absolutely worthy *

The label on the buzzer is the only clue that you are at the right place. But grit your teeth, hit the dirty red carpet to the basement...and prepare to be amazed. Well, perhaps the amazement comes not from the bar itself but the surprise at finding this little gem down such a salubrious corridor. And wait till you hear the price of drinks...

Seating choices are either at the bar - the locals will give you cockney lessons if interested - or on one of three shared tables covered in wipe-down covers. And do not hold your breath for a menu, it is whatever you want, if they can do it, for £3.50 - IN SOHO!!

Once settled take in your surroundings. The walls are a mixture of peeling paint, Al Pacino film posters, MDF panelling and various flags. Frank Sinatra is not only pumping through the sound system setting you tapping your foot but also painted on the wall. In fact the guys at the bar looked like they had just come from a Rat Pack concert! Downside - avoid the toilet

The crowd was mixed - both in age and style - but perfectly friendly and we were all delighted when "a guy with a saxophone" turned up, sat on a chair and jazzed away to the tunes. This bar is not trying to be cool. Someone has just set up a bar, thrown in some dining room tables and wobbly stools, and run with it. It will not suit everyone - if you're suited and booted for cocktails this is not your place - but I feel like I may have just found my second home. For utter casual with top tunes, try Trisha's.

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