Friday, 19 August 2011

The Drift, Bishopsgate/City 13/20

Location: Heron Tower 110 Bishopsgate

Visit: Friday after work

To Note? BOOK!

Ambiance 3/5
Design 4/5
Drinks 2/5
Staff 4/5

Extra LBS star: You have to be kidding?!

What can you say about another Drake and Morgan cool NY-style bar which are popping up all over London wherever they can take money from tired office workers? Well, its another Drake and Morgan cool NY-style bar.

We booked a table for 6.15 on a Friday night. This, my friends, is a good idea. No. A great idea. I asked for our table at the entrance and was directed upstairs and once upstairs the smiley staff were very friendly and helpful. In fact once the squatters were promptly kicked off our table – read the sign! – we settled in to enjoy the views. Well, views of the bar.

It is beautiful in the way that The Folly and The Refinery are with potted herbs on the tables to denote your number if ordering food, three stories of drinking levels all open on one side to look out onto City office blocks and plenty of standing space for those who did not plan ahead. It’s fine.

What is not fine is paying £4.40 a pint for Meantime LPA. I thought at the time it must be a very special beer but paid £3 for the same beer just two days later in Dulwich. It was a good beer but not that good. We left after two drinks as it was nigh on impossible to carry out a conversation and we were getting mean looks from those evicted from our table. There were more of them than us.

Will I go back? Probably on a Friday night when meeting friends who work that side of the bridge, maybe for one of their doorstop sandwiches and wedges with a wine flight on a quiet Saturday afternoon, but otherwise with The Mayor just up the road it’s a no-brainer really. I appreciate they are trying to be everything to everyone; just pick your visit time carefully.

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