Sunday, 17 November 2013

Sager + Wilde, Hackney: 19/20

Location: 193 Hackney Road E2 8JL


Visit: From 5pm or 2pm for Sunday indulgence!

To Note: It's not just wines they do well, their toasties are fab!

Ambiance 4/5
Design 5/5
Drinks 5/5
Staff 5/5 

I had been waiting for this opening for quite a while, not only after their pop up last Christmas on Old Street roundabout but also seeing their regular photos of the bar developing. And I was not disappointed; Located almost opposite the old QuiQuiRiQui mezcaleria, about a 5 minute fast walk from Shoredtich High Street, wooden venetian blinds and a simple SAGER+WILDE above the door cannot hide that the windows were already steamed up on a cold night and already half full just a few minutes after opening - the East End has been waiting for such a venue!

And yes, this is an East End establishment which means full beards, army surplus jackets and designer glasses abound but mixed in with a range of different ages, in couples, big groups or even locals having a quick glass and chat to the staff. To be honest if you have got a seat here you also have the right to look smug. It is not a cheap night but it will be a good one, especially if you nab a stool at the old street paving bar to get Mike (Sager)'s wisdom on wine choice. 

There are some sherries and vermouths but the wine is what you come for with a daily changing range of whites and reds by the glass and available to take away - often rather special - and if that is not enough the "special list" by the bottle as well. And the staff are well versed and most importantly passionate about their choices so come armed
with just a few preferences (dry/sweet, fruity/full bodied etc) and let them be your guide. 

If you get hungry, their toasties are divine or opt for a cheese and meat board - they will also help you choose by the wine you are enjoying!

This is a wonderful little addition to Hackney Road and one I hope to return to again and again. Well done Mike and Charlotte!

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