Friday, 31 August 2012

Bourne and Hollingsworth, Centre: 20/20

Location: 28 Rathbourne Place, off Tottenham Court Road

Visit: Weekday Evenings

To Note? Another basement joint, go just round the corner and look for the black abnd white print on the wall

Ambiance 5/5
Design 5/5
Drinks 5/5
Staff 5/5
Extra LBS star: not when you have experienced the joys of The Fourth Wall…and The Blitz…but I wouldn't change a thing here! 

I was not taken by surprise at the interior of this cocktail bar having been to their pop up, The Fourth Wall, however without pre-warning you may wonder if you just stepped into Grandma’s living room. The walls are papered in yellow floral print. The tables are covered covered in lace clothes. There is a fireplace. And a Mary Poppins lamp. And there are very good cocktails.

Already a huge fan from the events they run – The Blitz for one which I have been remiss at writing up – I have tried some of their menu like ReBourne and Hollingsworth Fizz. Their menu is a folding miracle with each opening revealing another page but there are grouped in an easy-to-read manner and handily show the glass style beside each one (in case you have a need to go elegant, or for a long drink). There was no water on offer – fail – but the drinks which were a very pink Ginger Daisy and a Cherry Sidecar were nicely balanced and well priced at just £7.50 each. The bar staff are also friendly and really know their stuff.

In the midst on no reservations London, you can reserve one of the 8 or so tables round the edge of the room and you’d be advised to do this if arriving later than 8pm or with a group; having been here late before, once the DJ hits the decks you won’t want to leave either.

An absolute gem in the centre of London but shh, don’t tell everyone! 

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