Friday, 17 February 2012

Presenting…Ocho Curado Tequila

It seems that more and more of my life is being spent in Noho, the area near Goodge Street and north of Soho that seems to be going through something of a revival; And it was here that I headed to La Perla bar for an exciting new launch.
I have only ever encountered one or two sipping tequilas but if ever this phrase should be applied it is to OCHO Curado’s new spirit.

Now Tequila as a category has been hitting the industry headlines with almost 2,500 bartenders signing a petition for clearer regulations around the use of the word agave. They are hoping to limit use of the word thereby protecting boutique producers and we can only wait to see how successful this campaign is.

Back to OCHO, made by the personable Tomas Estes (meeting him is like a big hug, he treats you like an old friend he could not be happier to see you) and enjoyed by some big industry names, we’ll start with what the man himself has to say:

“A totally natural innovation made of tequila 100% pure agave infused with 100% pure cooked agave. The Tequila OCHO used for Curado is carefully made in the old-fashioned, artisanal way creating a spirit that has an exceptionally full and complex agave flavour.

Curiously no one has done this simple synthesis before…It is high quality tequila which is enhanced and not covered up by the addition of cooked agave.”

And what did I have to say? Well it has a pale gold colour, and the nose is surprisingly gentle with sweet notes like ripe tropical fruit and cooking sugar. It is very smooth on the palate with more of that chocolate coming through with the tropical fruits but also something fresher, like preserved lemons. As a tequila it clearly has the strength of alcohol that you would expect but it is so well balanced you would neither smelling nor tasting this want to knock it back straight away. It has depth to appreciate.

Next came La Cura, a cocktail designed to highlight the tequila’s flavour characteristics.

50ml OCHO Curado
10ml Mandarin Napoleon
10ml White Cacao
2 drops orange bitters

All swirled with ice and served with a mandarin segment

What did this do? Well what is says on the tin, just highlighting the citrus and chocolate notes – and frankly putting them in a drink I really would knock back as delicious as it was.

I will definitely be keeping an eye out for this in the bars to encourage friends to give it a try. And I encourage you to do the same.

Thanks to Domino Communications for the PR work!

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