Thursday, 12 January 2012

Presenting...Duke's Bar Perfect Martini

I was recently in a very priveledged position. I went to Duke's Bar of Duke's Hotel with a regular who has a table available to him whenever he needs it. I was also honoured and delighted to meet Alessandro Palazzi, manager of Duke's Bar - owner of the title "Best Martini in the World". 

If you are lucky enough to visit this famous drinking establishment and get a table, you must order a martini, if only for the theatre of this drink.

1) Vodka or Gin
2) Brand of chosen spirit (then retrieved from the freezer as these drinks are not shaken over ice which dilutes the cocktail)
3) A few drops of Angastura Bitters
4) Vermouth (specially made in England with Chapel Down wine)
5) Gin (No 3 designed between Alessandro and Berry Bros) or Vodka (Stolichniya Elite) - or both
6) A slice of zest from an Amalfi Coast lemon squeezed over the top and rubbed on glass rim then dropped in (or orange depending on the drink combinatiom)


Ian Flemming wrote here. The back room used to be closed off for Di and Dodi. There is so much history here and these are not just barmen; these are historians, so go ahead and ask them for a story. Browse their old spirits bottles in the glass cabinets. 

Whatever you do, do not miss the opportunity to visit Duke's.

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